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Taylor Swift and the Tortured Poets Aesthetic

Taylor Swift and the Tortured Poets Aesthetic

Embrace the cringe

A listener submitted a question earlier this week that was basically: Why are we talking about Taylor Swift again???? And I get it: if you’re not a fan, if her music is not for you, you too might be tired of the ongoing Taylor Swift Conversation. But I’m ultimately less interested in Taylor Swift herself and more interested in the shape of that conversation: what are we actually talking about when we talk about Taylor Swift? We’re talking about work and scarcity, we’re talking about aesthetics and whiteness, we’re talking about the performance of authenticity and narratives of romance… and we’re talking about all of those things today with Sarah Chapelle, the fashion journalist behind the enormously popular Instagram account Taylor Swift Style.

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Show Notes:

We’re currently looking for your questions for future episodes about:

  • How we talk about the royals today (especially looking for some questions from people outside of the U.S. here!)

  • The State Of The Food Blog in 2024

  • Your strong opinions on things that, in the grand scheme, don’t matter much

  • For our continuing series on romance novels: QUEER ROMANCE and ROMANCE BOOKSTORES

  • The future of reality TV

  • What’s the deal with JEANS right now (alternate title = Jeans: Help)

  • The Contemporary Jennifer Lopez

  • Ben Affleck (specifically within the framework of Ambition)

  • The cultural force that is nostalgia (especially interested in how it functions in different generations)

  • Anything you need advice on!

  • You can submit them (and ideas for future eps) here (and here’s the subscriber-only priority form)

For today’s discussion: What are your thoughts on The Tortured Poets Department? What’s your favorite/least favorite Taylor Swift aesthetic? Do you also think of your life in eras, and are your outfits a part of them?

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