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Why Do Clothes Suck Now?

Why Do Clothes Suck Now?

Amanda Mull joins the pod to talk about sweaters filled with plastic and why we've stopped ironing

For the maiden voyage of the Culture Study podcast, we’re taking a hard look at a problem that plagues us all: terrible clothes. Why are shirts falling apart or pilling after just a few wears? Why does Gucci charge $3200 for a polyester sweater? What happened to ironing and will we ever dry clean en masse again?

Amanda Mull, staff writer at The Atlantic, joins me for a deep dive into the past twenty years of fashion production (and consumption) trends.

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  • Show notes, including visuals of some of the things we talk about in the pod

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Show notes:

  • The tweet I describe in the beginning of the podcast:

This week, we’re looking for your questions for future episodes about:

  • Resurgent interest in early 2000s music (with Switched on Pop’s Nate Sloan)

  • The Mean Girls Trailer

  • A deep analysis of Taylor and Travis Kelce discourse

  • Kevin Bacon’s Hott Instagram and Gen-X/Elder Millennial Instagram in general

  • “Little treat” culture

  • You can submit them (and ideas for future eps) here.

Now come hang out with us in the discussion — I’ve put a few ideas to get us started below:

  • What’s your best made piece of clothing — and what’s the piece of clothing that SHOULD be well made but has evidenced itself to be shit?

  • Did you go check the tags of your sweaters after listening WHAT DID THEY SAY???

  • How do we think of this general decline in clothing quality as a symptom of deregulation?

  • I’d love to hear your thoughts about the decline in ironing and “women’s domestic tasks” in general.


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